The Troll and The Fan is a two-part fanfiction by Mother-zombie.


Part 1Edit

Sarah Nac contemplates about the episode of Uncle Grandpa "Internet Troll". Realizing she only lives a few blocks from Cheesepuff Mike, she brings Austin along to help her interview him to figure out why he hates Uncle Grandpa so much. In an unlikely turn of events, Nac ends up saving Cheesepuff Mike from his stone prison and they become friends

Part 2Edit

After spending alot of time together, Nac finds herself in love with Cheesepuff Mike. She is afraid to tell him, believing that it would ruin her friendship with him and perhaps disappoint Uncle Grandpa in some way if he ever met her and found out. After an emotional discussion, she learns Cheesepuff Mike reciprocates her feelings and was also afraid to tell her in fear they would ruin their friendship. They end up declaring themselves in a relationship, which is exactly the same as their friendship except with added romance.


  • There is a 3rd part to this story, but it is NSFW/18+ and will not be listed here.

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