"We just found a body~"
Gender: Female
Species: Asian House Rat
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Hair color: Blonde/Pink
Eye color: Purple
Personal Information
The Revolution
Ursidae Congregation
  Noir Town
  Uncle Grandpa
  Watching the world burn
Causing chaos

Tanezumi is a large pink Asian house rat who appears in Mother-zombie's Uncle Grandpa/Secret Mountain Fort Awesome fanfiction series Getting Out Alive


Tanezumi is arrogant and pure evil, wanting to see people destroy and kill each other. She likes to make jokes, usually making jokes out of serious issues (IE the "We Just Found A Body" song she sings during an announcement she makes when they find out one of the contestants in Getting Out Alive are dead). She's also very flighty and easily bored, constantly changing rules and switching things up (very apparent in Getting Out Alive Chapter 15-17).


It is unknown what her beef is with Uncle Grandpa, but she stated in Getting Out Alive:Intermission 1 that she came from Japan. She moved from Japan on a ship to a small town in Michigan, US called "Noir Town", in which she states she burned down all the residence for making her feel unwelcomed. She apparently has affiliations with the Revolution but is getting paid by Ursidae Congregation to do their bidding. It seems her loyalty lies with whoever has the most money.


  • She cannot stand strange food combinations, as told in Getting Out Alive:Intermission 2 where she mocks a person for putting ketchup and mustard on their pancakes, claiming them to be subhuman.
  • She's rather impatient, turning a few store employees and customers into her own personal furniture after a mess up in her store order, as she told us in Getting Out Alive: Intermission 3
  • She's quite vulgar in her language, especially when stressed out.
  • She's very greedy and is willing to throw her own partners under the bus for money