Riley Duck
Gender: Male
Species: Human-Duck Hybrid
Age: 22
Birthday: September 6th
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Personal Information
  The Party Animals
  Professional Party Animal
  Party Duck

King of the Party Animals King of Fiestas Party King

  The other Party Animals
  Pizza Steve
Love Interests:
  Honey Smith
  Losing his title as king of the Party Animals
a man and a duck
Production Information
Voiced by:
Scott Menville

Riley Duck, A.K.A., Party Duck is user:TheAwesomeGirl 's OC.


Party Duck is all about partying. He tends to mess things up for the fun of it, and telling anyone who has a problem with it to "Lighten up. Live like your life depends on partying!". Because of this, it seems like he'd be disliked, but in actuality, almost everyone adores Party Duck, and he is a household name.

He can be nice, and a little dorky, but he's mostly very outgoing, and a little outrageous, in his own dorky way. He has the habit of being shirtless a lot, and "flexing his muscles" despite him having no muscles at all. None. Pizza Steve is much more muscular than him.

Much like Steve, he is also very self obsorbed, and tends to hold himself to a high regard, often saying that no one is better at partying than him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In duck form, he's bright yellow, with a orange bill, and looks much like a rubber duck (or a baby duck). He's very fluffy and soft, has long, skinny legs, and always wears his shades.

In human form, he has orange-ish/yellow-ish/peach skin, curly, jet black hair, dark brown eyes (covered by his shades), and he's taller than human!Pizza Steve (he teases Steve about this.), and he's either shirtless, or wearing an unbuttoned shirt to show off his nonexistent muscles. He has a little bit of facial hair on his chin, not really a goatee or beard, but like, facial hair.



Pizza Steve

Party Duck and Pizza Steve are rivals. They dislike one another, and try to sabotage each other. They wouldn't really kill each other, but they have gotten into physical fights before (mostly when they were both drunk). They also constantly tease one another.


Party Duck has a crush on Honey, and finds her to be very attractive. He knew Honey before she knew Pizza Steve, however whether they've ever been involved (whether romantically or sexually) is a mystery. Honey is a bit awkward around him, but she doesn't hate him.


  • A little bit of Party Duck's attraction to Honey has to do with the fact that she was raised by Peacocks, causing her to act a little bit like a bird, which is what drew him to her in the first place, the rest of the attraction is based off physical attraction, but also the fact that she helped him through hard times when he was just a teenager. He will always love her.
  • Party Duck plays the keytar
  • He graduated from bird school. For birds. with a degree in partying.
  • His favorite drink is juice. Doesn't matter what kind. Just juice.
  • Favorite food is bread.
  • He seems to have a strange obsession with grapes. It is unknown whether he asks Pizza Steve for grapes to annoy Steve, or if he genuinely likes grapes.