This article is about the species. For information about the character usually called Obama, see Emperor Barack Hussein Obama II.

Obama are a race of M&M-like creatures and most of them are the main antagonists of Uncle Grandpa. They are lead by their tyranic ruler, Emperor Barack Hussein Obama II However, there are some good Obama, like Bobamah, Obams, Obams' girlfriend, an unnamed Obama, his grandfather, Holly Obama, Kylie Obama, and Obama the Quick. They are the main members of the Obama Organization. There are many colors and variants Obama come in. The colors are yellow, orange, green, blue, red, and brown. Down below is a list of Obama subspecies.


  • Obama are standard Obama.
  • Sky Obama are Obama with wings.
  • Sea Obama are Obama with fins and gills that live in water areas.
  • Obamanshees (singular being Obamanshee) are ghosts of Obama.
  • Skeletobamas (singular being Skeletobama) are skeletal versions of Obama.
  • Obama Theives (singular being Obama Theif) are standard Obama wearing blindfold-like masks and carry a money bag with a green music note on it.
  • Obombas (singular being Obomba) are anthropomorphic bombs designed after Obama.
  • Ninja Obama are Obama in ninja outfits.
  • Obama Pirates (singular being Obama Pirate) are pirate Obama.
  • Mechobama are wind-up toys designed after standard Obama.
  • Roboma are robotic Obama.
  • Morbobama are morbidly obese standard Obama that wear a bib that are desined wit the trademark m.