Mrs. Michelle Marsha Dessert Gusford is the genderswapped version of Mr. Gus. She is a grumpy old dinosaur, who serves as Aunt Grandma's bodyguard.


Mrs. Gus is giant a purple dinosaur, who is actually pretty muscular for her type. She is a big and burly bodyguard with a bit of a gruff old voice. The scaley little flap thing on the top of her head is spiky and kind of dyed at the very tips with yellowish orange hair dye. She wears a white undershirt and no pants. She has eyelashes and lipstick.


Mrs. Gus is a tough, no-nonsense woman who will beat you up if you mess with her. She just about never smiles about anything. She is protective of Aunt Grandma and all her stupid nonsense, but at the same time, disagrees with a lot of the dumb things she does. She's kind of sassy too and she sure has a lot of junk in the trunk. She has spice and pizazz and I think that's pretty cool.


Aunt GrandmaEdit

Mrs. Gus is Aunt Grandma's loyal bodyguard and voice of reason.

Gigantic Hyperrealistc Floating PantherEdit

Mrs. Gus has a crush on GHFP.