Mr. Gus
Human Mr Gus
Gender: Male
Species: Kaiju/Dinosaur and Human hybrid
Birthday: February 31 // March 3rd
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Yellow
Personal Information
  Uncle Grandpa's Body Guard
  The UG RV
  MG (by Pizza Steve)
  Pizza Steve (Human), Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (Human), Billy Baggins, Uncle Grandpa
Love Interests:
  Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (Human)
  Working Out
Watching TV

Mr. Gus is a major character in Uncle Grandpa. He protects Uncle Grandpa, he lives with Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger in the RV, he can be very helpful. He is very calm, unlike his friends, and is a very serious character. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mr. Gus as a human is tall, African American, and has green hair with a goatee. He is muscular and built because he loves to excercise.


He has a deep voice, and it's always monotonous. He usually always has the same expression except for on  occasions when he shows emotion. Mr. Gus seems to be smarter then the rest of the crew, and the most level headed, though he is sometimes ignored like in the episode Funny Face  when he told UG and Pizza Steve that they shouldn't make funny faces because they "cause alot of pain". 

Mr. Gus is also very helpful, and nice despite his appearance. He doesn't mind helping others, and cares about others. 

It is shown on numerous occasions that Mr. Gus sees through Pizza Steve's bragging and doesn't believe in it.