Miya Parker
*singing* "I'm addicted to you, don't ya know that you're toxic?"
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 15
Birthday: August 24th
Hair color: Reddish Brown
Eye color: Dark Blue, occasionally looks kinda teal-ish
Personal Information
  The UG RV
  Lyd, Lydia, Parker, Gabe, Gabriel, Rose
  The whole UG RV
  Paul McCartney, systematic oppression, the whole planet of Neptune
Love Interests:
  Belly Bag

Pizza Steve

Slog (possible)

  music, writing, drawing
  not being able to live in the UG RV anymore

Miya Parker is TheAwesomeGirl's UGsona.

Not to be confused with Miya, an AU version of the same character.


Miya has a kind of rollercoaster of a personality. She gets angry pretty easily, but is generally happy, however, if she feels unloved, unwanted, or useless, she'll completely flip around and her depression will act up.

She's typically pretty friendly. However, if you prove yourself to be awful, then she will not like you. Ever.


Uncle Grandpa - Miya lives in the UG RV because Uncle Grandpa let her live there when she said she'd rather be able to travel around and actually have friends for once.

Belly Bag - Miya immediately loved him, and got a crush on him. His sarcasm, mixed in with how sweet he is, drew her in, and she fell in love with him.

Pizza Steve - His personality made her admire him, since she can always seem to appreciate confident, attractive men that are sweet deep down. She's very open about her crush on him and tends to flirt with him.

Mr. Gus - Miya tends to look up to him about half the time, and play pranks on him the other half of the time.


  • Both Miya's mental and physical state are fragile, so she tends not to get into to much trouble as she can't really handle it. She tends to stay out of adventures, since living away from home is an adventure to her in its own. She feels safer not butting in.
  • Miya tends to spend most her time near Belly Bag (when he's not busy with adventures with Uncle Grandpa) because she considers him "her safety" and she tends to hug him a lot.
  • Miya just really likes Nutella. Really.