Miya genie
Gender: Female
Species: Genie (current)

Human (previously)

Age: Appears to be in her mid to late teens.
Birthday: August 24th
Hair color: Dark red
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Pizza Steve and Belly Bag's genie
  A genie lamp next to Pizza Steve's bed.
  Pizza Steve

Belly Bag

  Mr. Gus
Love Interests:
  Pizza Steve

Belly Bag



  The creature who cursed her to be a genie.

That Pizza Steve won't like her anymore and send her back into her lamp, leaving it somewhere, for someone else to find.

Her previous masters (all of them were cruel)


Miya is a genie, who was found by Pizza Steve and Belly Bag while on an adventure with Uncle Grandpa. She is an AU version of TheAwesomeGirl's UGsona, Miya Parker


Miya is very opinionated (which is part of the reason she had been cursed) and she will speak out against anyone who says something bad (except to any of her previous masters. One of which, wished her to stay silent.)

Much like most genies, she is a bit of a trickster, but only if the person commanding her is a huge jerk during the first five minutes she meets them. If they are nice, she will grant their exact wish, but if they're an asshole, she'll make their wish bite them in the butt later.

Unlike most genies, she doesn't use the "three wishes only" rule. Her wishes are unlimited. If her master no longer desires her, they will wish her back to her lamp, sending it somewhere else, for someone else to find.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Miya is very plump, and a little bit short. She has long dark red hair, and big blue eyes, and plump lips. She always wears her hair loose or in a braid. She wears an arabian style outfits (like Jeannie, from I Dream of Jeannie, only a tiny bit more revealing.)


Pizza Steve

Miya has a good relationship with Pizza Steve. He is the only master that hasn't mistreated her, as he treats her with respect, and is a lot nicer to her. Miya has a ginormous crush on him, which is reciprocated. Eventually they will be together.

She is also a little protective of him, and warns him to be careful with his wishing, so she doesn't hurt him with her magic. (Mainly because she doesn't want him to die and then end up with another cruel master)

Belly Bag

Belly Bag is Miya's other master (both Pizza Steve and Bell Bag rubbed the lamp at the same time, thus they are both her master), whom she also has a good relationship with. From what it seems, she also has a crush on him. He, like Pizza Steve, respects her. He also seems to make more responsible wishes, so Miya never needed to warn him about being careful.

Mr. Gus

Miya doesn't really like Mr. Gus, as she doesn't like grumps who are always grumpy.