Honey Smith
Hon UG Style
"Hells yeah, I'm dating a pizza."
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 19
Birthday: July 17th
Hair color: Honey blonde
Eye color: Chocolate brown
Personal Information
  Yvonne (Birthname)

Yv (pronounced "eve" she is occasionally called this as well)

  Uncle Grandpa

Pizza Steve Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Mr. Gus Belly Bag Aranea Von Spinne Rose Lily Peach (Somewhat. Rose doesn't talk to her much)

Love Interests:
  Pizza Steve

Party Duck


love her home country, Canada

  Pizza Steve getting eaten, or any harm towards him at all

the apocalypse

her ex-boyfriend

Pierre and Rainey Smith
Julian Smith the Magical Peacock
Production Information
Voiced by:
Hynden Walch

Yvonne Elysia "Honey" Smith is Pizza Steve's lover. She is TheAwesomeGirl's OC.


Honey has a sweet personality (no pun intended), and she's typically looking out for others. She'll give everyone a chance, and truly doesn't hate anyone. She is very calm, and will always hear someone out. She shows interest in music, and is a very musically inclined person.

Despite her typically happy and kind nature, she has been shown to hold a grudge, and also isn't impervious to anger, as shown in Sugar We're Going Down Swinging, when she was became furious with Paul and Emily, and was bent on destroying them. (Of course, this may have been due to her being a ghost at the time.)

In The Haunted Hotel she's shown to be very helpful to Aranea, by introducing her to Billy/Belly Bag, though she may have also just been helping Aranea, so that Aranea would move on.

In chapters 2 and 3 of Honey and the Cubic Zirconias Honey is shown to exhibit nervous tendencies when under pressure. Sometimes, if the nerves are too great, she'll start making distressed bird noises, and be unable to speak any human language.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Honey is short, and very curvy. She has long golden blonde hair (from which she gets the nickname "Honey"), and big brown eyes. She always has on pink blush, eyeliner, dark pink lipstick, and pink eyeshadow. Her typical outfit is a black strapless top, with a turquoise, high-waisted bubble puff skirt. She wears blue wedge heel shoes.


Pizza Steve

Honey loves Pizza Steve more than anything, and is completely faithful to him. She has high regards for him, and is very happy to be near him. She believes all of his stories, like most people.

Uncle Grandpa

Honey and Uncle Grandpa have a good relationship, and they are close friends.

Julian the Magical Peacock

Julian is Honey's adoptive brother. They've known each other their whole lives.

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

GRFT is one of Honey's best friends.

Mr. Gus

Honey and Mr. Gus have an okay relationship.

Belly Bag

Honey and Belly Bag have an okay relationship.


As of the end of The Haunted Hotel, she is friends with Aranea.


Don't even mention Paul around Honey. Just don't...


  • She speaks 3 languages, English, French ( both Parisian and Canadian dialects), and Peacock
  • She was raised by Peacocks and thought she was a Peacock until she was 12
  • She met Pizza Steve when she was 17, and started dating him less than a month after meeting him