The Genderbent Uncle Grandpa Universe is the universe of genderbent Uncle Grandpa characters.

The Main RVEdit

  • Aunt Grandma - Everyone in the world's Aunt and Grandma. When she comes over to visit, it's sure to be a time you'll never forget. She visits children, gives them the best day of the life, and then leaves and never returns again. She is kind of like a mixture between your overly happy grandmother, your annoying aunt who is always trying to give you a kiss, and the really cool mom that lets you get away with everything and never sets up rules or punishes you, which isn't yours, but you wish it is.
  • Mrs. Gus - A depressed purple dinosaur who hates everything. She is Aunt Grandma's bodyguard.
  • Cake Stacy - A talking slice of cake who thinks that she's the most popular and fashionable girl in the entire world, when really, she's just an egotistical narcissist, who's not only pudding-centered, but also self-centered. She also makes up a bunch of gossip about other girls, which are almost always lies, and always always cause a whole lot of trouble.
  • Purse - Aunt Grandma's talking purse.
  • Gigantic Hyperrealistic Floating Panther - A photoshopped picture of a panther that acts like a mixture between a panther, a housecat, and a stereotypical teenage boy. He is very rebellious and is stuck in a "jackalope" phase, where he does a bunch of stupid, dangerous stuff.
  • Frankenstein's Bride - If the wife for Frankenstein's monster was created, this would be it.
  • Samuel - Aunt Grandma's stupid hammer.

Out in the WorldEdit

  • Cherry Nice - A pink care-bear like teddy bear. She is an adorable, lovable little creature who always has everything handed to her. She is always having good experiences with everyone and everything is always perfect for her.
  • Candy Cane Girl - Cherry Nice's depressed, less fortunate best friend. She is always having experiences with Cherry Nice, but she is always getting herself beaten up, tortured, maimed, paralyzed, killed, brought back to life, pounded to pieces, and overall, abused by everything.
  • Small Wonder - A robot girl who always has to help people with really minor problems.
  • Charlene Cupcakes - A French poodle who is good friends with Aunt Grandma.
  • Wicked Witch - An evil witch who causes a bunch of problems.
  • Xander - The he-warrior of the apocalypse.
  • Egg Salad - A fat, nerdy gamer girl, who sits around all day and does nothing but watch television and play video games.