Gender: Presumably Female
Species: Robot/Android
Age: Unknown
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
The Revolution
  Data Keeping Interviewing Unit Revolution Robot
  Interviewing others
Collecting data
Mystery games

Emoji is Mother-zombie's OC that appears in Getting Out Alive:Chapter 36.


Emoji is a robot who's specific duties are to collect and keep data, preserve the revolution, and to act as an interviewing unit specifically for collecting and keeping data. It has not been revealed what revolution she is part of and what exactly the revolution is for, but she is behind the amusement park take-over. She claims it was to expose Ursidae Congregation, but because of Tanezumi's greed it backfired.


Emoji is eager to administer 10 question interviews on others before she will hold a normal conversation with them. The questions she asks are very random, sexual, and/or morbid in nature. Once an answer to her question is given, she will react with an exaggerated emoticon face, a picture, a gif, or a video (with each sometimes being accompanied with music). Most of her reactions are mocking or sarcastic to the person she is interviewing. However, sometimes she will react genuinely. Once she is done with her interviewing process, she will answer or address anything one needs her to with as much honesty as she could possibly give, whether one wants to hear it or not. Though she has the ability to take over an entire network of computers, she refuses to fully speak with someone unless they see her in person.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Emoji is a curvy and feminine looking with dark skin and a television for a head. No matter what kind of emoticon face she gives you, she always has heavily made up eyes and plump lips with no nose as her default face. On top of her TV head she wears a giant bow with 2 antennas protruding out from the middle. She wears a 50s style polka-dot dress with high heels on her human like body. She also has some metal joints in her elbows, knees, and wrists.


  • Is heavily inspired in appearance by the design of a person with a TV on their head.
  • Her personality and emoticon faces were inspired by FACE from the NES Godzilla creepypasta


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