Uncle Grandpa FanFiction contest

I have decided to throw a contest for an upcoming Uncle Grandpa fanfiction sequel I plan on working on when I'm done with the first.

Here's the link to the contest

If you like Uncle Grandpa, have some OCs, and like my Getting Out Alive fanfiction you're more than welcome to join the contest! The more the merrier! If you don't have a deviantart or a tumblr you can message me on here with a description and a picture (if you can) on my message wall on Uncle Grandpa wiki

If you have not read GOA yet you can get started by either reading it on either Deviantart or Fanfiction.net or on tumblr. Or you can visit the Getting Out Alive page and check out all the links there.

If you join or read, have fun and thank you for taking interest in my story and contest!